Portable Emergency Power Source

The Powershot is a portable power source for mobile devices such as smart phones, iPods, digital cameras, GPS and MP3 Players. Charge it using any USB port, hang it on your keyring, and charge up your device whenever and wherever you need it. With the Powershot, you can ditch adapters and chargers, travel overseas without converters, and never again miss that important call.

  • Useful – One Powershot will give your mobile devices an emergency charge.
  • Convenient – Charge it by using any USB port found on laptops, PCs, airplanes and new vehicles.
  • Small – So small it hangs on your keyring.
  • Universal – Can be charged from any USB port anywhere in the world.
  • Safe – Controls energy flow to your device, reducing overall energy consumption and risk to your device.

From USD$29.50 MSRP


PowerShot Package

black Powershot

powershot bmo copy

White PowerShot to iPhone

Connector Types

The PowerShot comes with 3 connectors: original Apple, Mini and Micro USB. Also included is the new Universal Adapter that allows you to connect with your factory supplied cable through the adapter’s standard USB port (including the iPhone 5).

Technical Specs

Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Output VoltageDC 5V max
Output Current500mA max
Operating T0 to 40C / 32 to 104F
Storage & Transportation T-20 to 50C / – 4 to 122F
Charge Time (to 90% capacity)0 to 90 minutes
Discharge Time0 to 40 minutes
Weight20g / 0.7oz
Cycle Life1,000+
Charge Input Voltage4.5 – 5.5V
Charge Input Current10 – 300mA

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